Welcome to Right Stone Consulting

Contingency Planning and Resilience


Our methodology – we focus on analysis and from our findings we design response structures and plans. These form the basis of the learning and training that we design and deliver. The cycle of continual improvement repeats and we support this.


Our process – we empower our team giving them autonomy to operate and achieve mastery of our challenges. Our team is continually learning and improving both from each other and best practice. helps us to achieve purpose, encapsulated in our values and beliefs.


Our beliefs – trust is implicit in everything we do, with each other and with our clients. By believing in what we do we can support and help build, always having the confidence that the foundations of our work are based on the right values.


Our offering – we work to achieve true resilience, to enable continuity of operations and long term business management, balancing risk against productivity and helping our clients along that journey.